The Optional Extra For BMW Motorrad Will Enhance Your Ride ​

The optional BMW Motorrad Connectivity provides motorcyclists with a new solution for navigation and multimedia whilst riding one our beautiful bikes.  Used riding-related information with the clearest layout and intuitive operations which connect your motorcycle, smartphone and your helmet through cleverly utilised Bluetooth.

The BMW Motorrad Connectivity was designed to be user friendly at any point of your journey.  The multi-controller ensures that the functions are always easily operated at any time.Instead of a traditional electronic instrument cluster the new clear TFT-Display allows riders to have instant access to navigation, phone calls, media and additional vehicle information.  There is an app which can used along with the BMW Motorrad Connectivity which enables the user to use their smart phone to receive information about their motorcycle.   Using this application while riding means that you are able to be directed clearly and reliably to your destination by the turn-by-turn arrows shows on the TFT-Display.  On country roads and in urban settings the arrow display is accurate and intuitive. 

The connection between your helmet and the BMW Motorrad means that you are able to make phone calls during your journey. You will have complete access to your phone’s contact list and you can call contacts via the multi-controller. Answer or decline incoming call easily with a simple hand movement. Never lose track of your speed with this being display on your helmet whilst you are riding, perfect for those country roads with no signage. Make a playlist and listen to your favourite songs on your journey inside your connected helmet. If you fancy changing the song you can have skip forward and back with easily accessed functions. With such ease you can get that perfect soundtrack created today.

The BMW Motorrad Connectivity may be optional but when it can connect you to the most enhanced journey you will see it as a necessity. Click here to view our range of BMW Motorrad motorcycles now.