The BMW Motorrad Adventure Range

If you were asked to picture an adventure motorcycle, the chances are you'd form the image of a BMW Motorrad in your mind. BMW is synonymous with rugged and capable bikes that can travel long distances and cope with rough terrains without breaking a sweat.

From the single-cylinder, 34bhp G 310 GS to the colossal R 1250 GS that we know and love, there is something for everyone in the BMW Motorrad Adventure range.

What Models are Available? 

Starting with the G 310 GS, this is the perfect place to begin for fledgeling adventure riders who hold an A2 licence. With its 835mm seat height, only 15mm less than its bigger R 1250 GS sibling, it is a tall bike and is just as capable of tackling the rough stuff. It offers 34bhp and offers ABS, LED front and rear lights, a stainless exhaust system and a luggage rack as standard.

The next model up is the F 750 GS, which comes with a range of different seats to set it up to the perfect height for your needs. It delivers 77bhp from its two-cylinder engine and comes well equipped with LED headlights, road and rain riding modes, ABS, an onboard computer and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). It is wonderfully nimble to ride and has just enough power to give the rider plenty of fun.

Taking a very small step up over the F 750 GS is the F 850 GS, which upgrades the power output to 95bhp from the same engine. You also get spoked wheels rather than the F 750's cast wheels, and a slightly higher suspension and seat height to give it a little more flexibility. You can also get an F 850 GS Adventure version, which is more of an Enduro-style bike.

The F 900 XR is a more road-focused model, set up for you to really enjoy those twisty roads. Its upright riding position and large adjustable windshield give you the ability to spend as long on the road as you like, come rain or shine. It comes with LED lights, ASC and ABS, a multifunction computer and rain/road riding modes, and its two-cylinder engine provides 105bhp. There is also a TE version which offers extras including cruise control, extra riding modes, DTC and heated grips.

Next up is the sport tourer S 1000 XR, which upgrades to a four-cylinder engine and offers 165bhp - quite a significant step up from the F 900 XR. Designed for effortless performance and offering the flexibility of relaxed cruising or twisty road fun depending on your mood, the XR is truly delightful on the open road. Upgrade to the TE version if you can afford it, which offers a host of extras including cruise control, hand guards, heated grips, an adaptive headlight, keyless start and gear shift assist.

BMW Motorrad R1250 GS

Of course, at the top of the shop sits the iconic R 1250 GS, the true adventure rider's dream. Available in either a road-based standard version or a more rugged Adventure model for those wishing to take on rougher terrain, the GS is fitted with a 1250cc flat-twin boxer engine delivering 136bhp. You'll see that this is somewhat less than the S 1000 XR, but this is because the GS is more intended for all-round ability than on-road performance. Fitted with a multimedia controller, an adjustable windshield, LED headlight, hill-start control and rain/road riding modes, the GS will be your best friend on any road surface, as well as on long distance rides. The Adventure version gives better protection including an engine guard and hand guards as standard, and longer suspension travel. As with other models, the GS is offered as a TE version too, with plenty of extra kit including an adaptive headlight, hand guards, heated grips, tyre pressure monitor, keyless start and extra riding modes.

No matter where you want to ride, or what your perfect riding style looks like, there is a BMW Adventure bike to suit. With a range of personalisation options to fit your size and all the creature comforts you could wish for, a thrilling riding experience awaits.