Taking Care of Your BMW Bike

We know what it’s like to be a motorcycle enthusiast. Your latest bike is your pride and joy, and you’d never think twice about spending an entire weekend tinkering and refining the model to ensure you’re getting the very most from your investment. As such, you’ll doubtless be aware that doing all you can to keep your BMW bike in top condition is essential.

Motorist servicing his bike

At John Clark BMW Motorrad, we want to help all our customers enjoy the best-possible ride for the longest amount of time possible. This means we’re always happy to offer tips and advice to help you keep your bike in prime condition. Of course, regular BMW bike servicing by trained technicians is always recommended, enabling professionals to identify and remedy any clear or underlying issues with a minimum of fuss, but there are also a few measures you yourself can take to guarantee you’re getting the most from your bike. These include:

Checking the finer details

Before every journey, it pays to take a quick look at some of the smaller elements of your BMW bike to ensure they are all fully operational. Check the lighting of your bike, the air pressure in your tyres, and the oil level in the engine. You can even check the bike’s levers and key equipment to ensure they’re operating without any concerns - such problems could otherwise impact your safety. Should you find you need motorcycle parts, ensure they are manufacturer approved and come from a reputable supplier.

Checking the route and conditions

It may sound obvious, but the weather can impact the performance of your bike and compromise your safety. By taking the time to review the riding conditions, you can tailor your riding style accordingly, and also ensure that your engine is up to speed and at the right operating temperature before setting out.

Similarly, planning a route before you leave is critical. Not only will you be able to avoid any traffic or undesirable road conditions, but it also means you will be able to stay firmly focused on your ride when travelling, thereby keeping you and your bike safe.

The changing of the seasons

Who doesn’t love the transition between the seasons? From the winter to the spring, or the summer to the autumn, the changes in the environment and nature are wondrous to witness. But they can also cause issues to your bike and your riding style, not least during the winter months. Road salt, moisture, and extreme temperature can all impact the performance of your bike, so make sure you properly clean your model regularly, relieve the stress on the tyres by using a centre stand, and keep your battery fully charged.

For more tips and advice on maintaining your BMW motorcycle, or to book a bike service or your annual motorcycle MOT, contact the team at BMW Motorrad in Aberdeen and Tayside today.