BMW Motorrad Heritage Range

The BMW Motorrad Heritage range is the perfect synergy of retro and modern. Imagine a motorcycle with enticing classical touches and traditional charm, combined with modern engine and safety technology and the faultless quality and reliability of a BMW. This intoxicating mix is exactly what you can expect from the BMW Motorrad Heritage selection.

BMW has sought not only to evoke a little nostalgia amongst motorcyclists with fond memories of its bikes of yesteryear but also to attract new customers looking for the freedom of the open road without the drama of a modern sports bike. Loyal to their roots from BMW's first motorcycles in 1923, each bike in the Heritage collection comes with a boxer engine, featuring horizontal cylinders which give the engine an unmistakable sound and plenty of torque.​

R NineT

First launched in 2014 and updated for 2021, the central model in the Heritage range is the R NineT, which comes in four different flavours and offers something to suit all tastes. Each version comes fitted with BMW's throaty two-cylinder air-cooled boxer engine, which has an ample 1170cc capacity and a power output of 108bhp. The powerful flat-twin engine is flexible enough to let you potter around at a leisurely pace and enjoy the scenery, but it will press on a bit if you want to play. It also comes with different riding modes, an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and automatic stability control (ASC) system as standard, giving you greater safety on the road.

With its round headlamp and exposed frame, the entry-level R nineT Pure has a charming café racer air about it, and also allows plenty of options to personalise it to the exact style you're looking for. You can change the colour, swap the fuel tank or fit some different wheels to really make it yours. An R nineT Pure can be yours for just over £13000 on the road.

The standard R nineT has an upright riding position, upside-down forks and a classic twin exhaust to give it a real retro roadster feel. At first glance, it looks modern and contemporary, but on closer inspection, you will see little styling details which hark back to BMW's 90-year back catalogue of motorcycles. Like the Pure, it has lots of personalisation options to tailor it to your own style.

For those buyers wanting to channel their inner off-road hooligan, the R nineT Scrambler promises a thrilling experience both on and off the beaten track. A higher seat height, larger front wheel and longer springs give it a little authenticity on rougher surfaces and stop it feeling unsettled on uneven roads. Many owners won't take it off road, naturally, but it's a great on-road companion too.


Or if you're looking for something completely different, feast your eyes upon the BMW R18. This beast is a low-slung cruiser with a fantastic 1800cc two-cylinder boxer engine, which is the biggest BMW has ever made for a motorcycle. You sit low to the ground ensconced in leather and chrome, and the torquey, burbly 91bhp engine offers a relaxed cruising style. If you want a motorcycle that makes a statement, the R18 is definitely the model for you.

It might look definitively retro, but as with the R nineT, the R18 comes with modern touches including LED front and rear lights, automatic stability control, a speedo with multifunction display, and three riding modes including Rock, Roll and Rain. Rock and roll indeed. Once again, it is the perfect hybrid of old style and new technology. The R18 is currently available from £18995 on the road.

If you're in the market for a motorcycle with personality and genuine retro credentials, there is definitely something for you in the BMW Motorrad Heritage range. BMW has been doing this for nearly a century, so you can be sure that your motorbike will be authentic. You can get the traditional style of a classic bike, without the breakdowns and headaches that come with classic ownership. You also get BMW's extensive warranty and breakdown assistance to keep your pride and joy on the road.

The other great thing about these bikes is that BMW releases the occasional special edition with individual colours and specifications, to make your bike even more personal. Definitely keep a lookout for these!