​Discover the recently revived 2019 BMW S1000RR ​

Ten years after the first BMW S1000RR this reimagined model has been given a new sultry look with a fresh easy feel. Updated technology ensures this bike is a joy and an ease to ride. The new BMW S1000RR is a huge depart from the previous model. Whilst remaining agile and refined this lightweight model packs a punch with 600cc.

Everything about the BMW S1000RR has changed. The new riding position is comfortable and the lighter feeling of the bike makes for the slimmer feel all round. A new ‘Flex Frame’ (with the engine as a stressed member), plush new Marzzocchi semi-active suspension (replacing Sachs) and an underbraced swngarm, forcing the rear tyre harder into the tarmac on the gas, all give more feel and confidence.


Aesthetically you can immediately see that the BMW S1000RR is a high-performance motorcycle. Each part of this new model has been designed to maximise the riders experience. The ergonomically perfect seating position, which is unrivalled thanks to the modified frame and fairing design. The standard LED headlights give the bike a dynamic and aggressive look.  The front indicators have moved from the fairing to the rear-view mirrors. This gives improved visibility and improved aesthetics. The motto for this bike is ‘All-in-one’, as well as the number plate lighting, the number plate holder now also includes LED turn-signals, tail lights and brake lights.

Performance is key to the BMW R1000RR and this is due to the transitional qualities throughout. Ride straight off to the road onto the circuit with a simple dismantle of both rear-view mirrors and number plate holder. The road wise racing bike will see you through any adventure and keep you looking brilliant throughout.

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