The New BMW R 12 Ninet and R 12​

A parked green and black BMW Motorrad R 12 nineT bike
Two women parked on a BMW R 12 nineT and BMW R 12
A parked silver, yellow, and  black BMW Motorrad R 12 bike

BMW Motorrad has announced two new models to its lineup: the BMW R 12 nineT and BMW R 12, a classic roadster for dynamic riding on country roads and a classic cruiser for cool, relaxed biking.

The guiding principle of development of the R 12 nineT was “The Spirit of nineT” where the goal was to follow in the footsteps of the R nineT by carrying forward its archetypal look, timelessness, and high customisation qualities. The new R 12 nineT aims to make a stylish impression in urban environments whilst giving dynamic riding fun on winding country roads. The new R 12 uses the motto of “The Spirit of Easy” which perfectly embodies a classic cruiser for cool and relaxed biking.

Josef Miritsch, Head of Air-Cooled Boxer Series BMW Motorrad, said: "With the new BMW R 12 nineT as a Classic Roadster and the R 12 as a Classic Cruiser, we are seamlessly continuing what began in 2013 with the R nineT. Thanks, in particular to the new frame concept, we have achieved an even more classic and purist design. The air/oil-cooled boxer engine with new airbox, which has its roots in the legendary sport boxer of the HP 2 Sport from 2007, ensures confident propulsion. With its four radially arranged valves, it is one of BMW's absolute engine icons."

Both models come with an air/oil cooled boxer engine with a 1170cc capacity which delivers 109hp at 7000rpm in the R 12 nineT and 95hp at 65000rpm in the R 12. A redesign of the chassis means that these models also feature an all new airbox which is fully integrated under the seat. The left-mounted “Twin Pipe” exhaust system with two rear silencers with reverse cone design caters to both the desire for a classically designed, sporty roadster and a cruiser.

There’s also a newly developed tubular bridge steel spaceframe which differs from the one used in previous R nineT models by eliminating the need for previous fastenings, reducing weight and giving new R 12 model a cleaner and more classic appearance. The rear frame, which is also made from tubular steel, is bolted to the main frame.

The new R 12 nineT has two analogue round instruments for speed and rpms, a USB-C port on the left side, and a 12v socket on the right side for the onboard network. The round instruments continue to support customization by communicating via a LIN-Bus and separating the control and display units. The standard instrumentation for the new R 12 is limited to the speedometer, but the rev counter can be retrofitted with genuine BMW Motorcycle accessories.

For more information about when these new models will become available for test dive and for order, contact BMW Motorrad in Aberdeen or Tayside today.