​Read Our Top Three Tips For Riding in Winter Weather

For many, riding in winter is a not an option. For them, they prefer to put the bike into hibernation and opt for something with four wheels. But it doesn’t have to like that with the proper care and a few changes to your riding style. Winter weather can be difficult to manoeuvre but if you ride safely you can brave any weather this winter.

Riding at any time of the year has it’s risks, however when driving in the winter months it can be treacherous. Motorcycling is all about experience the road in a non-traditional way, embracing those turns and corners. When it’s windy, rainy and very icy those great moments can quickly turn into something more dangerous. We have three top tips so you can keep safe and enjoy as much of winter as you can.

Check the Weather

It may seem simple but be humble about your abilities on the road. If there are weather warnings for ice or if the weather will worsen throughout the day it is best to leave your bike at home. Although the weather looks milk, ice patches can freeze and dry black over night which can radically reduce grip on the road.

Understand Wind Chill

When checking the weather outside a thermometer will only inform you about the ambient temperature but this does not consider the wind chill factor. Wind chill is what the temperature will feel like when you are out on the road and this can be much colder when travelling at speed.Make sure that you are aware of the true temperature out there and you can enjoy your ride that much more.

Check Your Braking Distances

Riding in winter conditions means that you will need to increase your braking distances the chance of a biker being involved in an accident increase. There are a number of factors that can affect breaking distances. These factors are the vehicle weight, speed, braking force and thinking time. When roads are wet, icy and visibility is low you will need to increase breaking distance and ensure you are driving with enough time to properly react.

From following our easy tips you will be able to enjoy riding on those colder days this winter.