Halo Smart Protect Treatment for only £115.

Halo Smart Protect is a unique treatment system developed and supplied by All Year Biker. Designed to get your bike looking stunning and help protect it from the damaging effects of corrosion that can affect not only how it looks and runs but which could lose you hundreds if not thousands of pounds on its re-sale or trade in value if left untreated.

The Process

Preparation – Multi-stage cleaning removes road dirt, contaminants and any old was of polymer coatings to allow the ACF50 to bond properly.

Spraying – ACF50 is pressure misted to ensure deep penetration to all areas of the bike, including electrics and electronics.

Finishing – The bike is hand wiped to ensure coverage and remove any excess ACF50 before High Gloss wax is applied to paintwork and fairings.

Some of the benefits of Halo Smart Protect for your bike:

  • Motorbike looks stunning.
  • Easier to clean and keep clean.
  • Reduced chance of corrosion related mechanical and electrical failures.
  • Helps bike to hold its re-sale or trade in value.

Book now for only £115