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BMW Motorrad Helpful Driving Tips

There are endless possibilities when riding whether you are riding to work or on long adventures. To make sure you get the most out of your riding, here is some helpful tips and recommendation to get the best out of your bike.

Before you journey ...

Before your journey small checks are always advisable, you should briefly check >

  • Dipped beam, high beam, rear and brake lights
  • Tyre air pressure is suitable for load or riding style
  • Oil lubricants are at the right level (not to high or low)
  • Your hand control, clutch, brake and shift gear levers. Take special care with feet levers as they often adjust themselves.
  • Your equipment is weather appropriate and functional - always wear a protective helmet.
  • Adapt riding style to the weather
  • Route check - it is often advisable to be aware of the traffic situation and plan journeys

On your journey ...

So that every journey is the most beautiful and you have happy travels >

  • The less luggage you have the freer you are. Nevertheless you luggage should be packed well and attached correctly. Always put heavy luggage at the bottom as it will have minimum impact on your riding behavior.
  • Keep you eyes on the road during your journey. Our GPS navigation or tank bag with transparent map pocket are valuable aids
  • Always give yourself sufficient breaks especially on long journeys
  • BMW mobile service - found in your on-board literature (also an overseas brochure)
  • Incase of a breakdown our mobile service is by your side

Before winter ...

Roadsalt, moisture and temperatures can take there toll in winter and make driving conditions more dangerous. If you lay up your bike store it in a warm and dry place or corrosion can occur.

  • Before the season we recommend a wash with a little washing up liquid in lukewarm water and a soft sponge
  • Regularly rinse off salt after winter rides and excursions. You can purchase care products from us.
  • We recommend standing the motorbike on the centre stand in the winter. You should move your bike 'to and fro' every now and then for mobilisation
  • Charge your battery if your motorbike has not been ridden for prolonged periods as the charge can drop
  • Fill up operating materials before immobilisation or tanks can corrode on the inside. Also disconnect the carburettor-operator feed cable between the tank and carburettor and allow fuel to drain out to prevent hardening.