Best Student Cars

Most Reliable Cheap Used Cars for Students

This month thousands of students started university across the country, and although fresher’s week, meeting new friends and starting classes are amongst their biggest priorities, students may need a car to get them from A to B now that they have flown the nest. While having a car at university, may be viewed as a luxury and not a necessity, many students in Scotland may be from areas which boast limited public transport routes, leaving no option but to search for a cheap used car to get them to university. It is no secret that money is rather tight for most student, that’s why at Motorchoice Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh we have selected the best student cars that are not only reliable but also cheap.

Best Student Cars
Most Reliable Used Cars

Used VW Polo

A used Volkswagen Polo is a fantastic choice for students looking for a comfortable, reliable car for sale. The VW Polo is a solid all-rounder, with great fuel economy, amazing handling a wide variety of engine options. Like all cars produced by Volkswagen, the Polo holds its value well and thanks to its desirable brand name, it is incredibly popular amongst students.

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Used Ford Fiesta

A used Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular and trusted small cars you can buy. Not only are used Ford Fiesta cars cheap and affordable to run but also offer you excellent connectivity. For Students it is best to avoid the sportier versions of this model and opt for the more efficient and eco-friendly models which come with Stop/Start technology and low MPG figures, keep the running costs low.

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SKODA Citigo

Renowned as a fun, quirky and compact car, the SKODA Citigo is perfect for students looking for a cheap, stylish and most importantly, a reliable used car. Our range of used SKODA Citigo cars for sale combines youthful charm with bargain running costs. Standard equipment even in an entry level used SKODA Citigo is generous and the well-built interior offers enough space to carry both your own food shop as well as your flatmates.

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Used Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a cheerful runabout with a quirky exterior and retro looking interior. Fiat 500’s are the epitome of a stylish student car, thanks to its combination of style and affordability. For a small city car, used Fiat 500 cars offer plenty of leg and head room in the front, and enough room in the back for two adults. The dashboard is painted to match the exterior colour of the car, lending it additional brownie points especially amongst style conscious students. Driving around the city is made easy in a Fiat 500 and thanks to its small size, it is easy to manoeuvre and park in busy Campus’s.

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