Stop spending so much on fuel with our top saving tips!


Fuel is expensive, there are no two ways about it.  Whether it’s diesel or petrol it can be a hefty cost to get from A to B. Here at Motorchoice we are in the same boat, but we have some top tips to save those pennies for better things in life.

Haste makes Waste

When we rush, we can be careless and we all know that rushing burns more fuel that when we take our time.It’s all fine and well saying this but are the hard facts? On average, you will use 9% more fuel driving at 70mph than if you were cruising comfortably at 60mph. Shockingly, if you drive at 80mph you’ll burn 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph. Slowing down can save some money and if you leave in plenty time you can enjoy the journey too! 

A Little Goes A Long Way

If you are a city dweller and mainly use your car for the side streets and nipping into the shops, then try filling your car up only half way.This way your tank will be lighter, and it will require less fuel to move than extra bit of weight.This is a really good way to save some money especially if you’re stuck in end to end traffic.

MOT and Servicing

Saving fuel can really come down to the health of your engine.Getting your engine serviced regularly means that your car can perform well on the road without much complications.Booking a service is easy and although it can seem costly, those extra gallons of fuel are too. You can book yourself in for a service here!

Cold Air Burns Fuel

Air-con can be a life saver. Especially on those hot days where we feel like everything we touch is 100 degrees.But having the air-con on can reduce the fuel efficiency. Weather dependant it’s better for your engine to roll down the window and enjoy the fresh air. Conserve your fuel to save those pennies. To make sure your air-con is working to the best of its ability, click here.