Discover Our Top 5 Cars Perfect For Retirement ​

Selecting a new car can be a lengthy process. There are many factors to include and when you are retiring you might need to think more practically. Although it may seem tough, we have put together a great selection of cars to choose from.

Dacia Duster

Are you looking for something substantial, a rugged SUV that has a wealth of space and is low in cost to run? Then don’t look any further than the Dacia Duster. With such a reasonable price point you can really enjoy all aspects of the outdoor life.With a higher up seat, straightforward driving style and great four-wheel drive, you’ll be embarking on a new adventure with confidence.

Vauxhall Astra 

Strong, straightforward and stylish. The Vauxhall Astra has it all.  This car has space inside the cabin for the grandchildren and for any luggage to get you off your dream holiday.  Retirement should be about having fun! The Astra has many models to choose from with Turbo engines, meaning you can enjoy the road again in something powerful and sturdy.

Volkswagen Beetle 

It’s fun, it’s practical and it also become very rare.  Production of this classic car has now stopped so the only way to purchase one if from Motorchoice.  The Beetle will take you from A to B in style and quickly too. Low in cost to run and with great selection of colours to choose from, you won’t be out of pocket or bored with the Beetle.  There is so much space inside the cabin and the boot you can easily get everything you need for a perfect summers picnic. 

Mercedes-Benz C Class 

Want to take things a little slower but not your driving? Well the Mercedes-Benz C Class is the one for you.  It’s sleek and sharp with a powerful engine ready for the road trip of a lifetime.  Elegance has been simplified in the premium leather interior which is comfortable and chic.  The Mercedes-Benz C Class has generous space inside the cabin and in the boot, meaning if there any furry additions to the family they can join in on the journey.

Audi TT

If you’re a city dweller and like something that nippy then the Audi TT is the one for you. This little car packs a good punch whilst also being very smooth to drive. It’s a perfect balance or reliability and enjoyment. Albeit smaller on the inside, it does have a carefree feel that will give you a smile every time you go for a drive.

Whether you’re already retired or about to, browse our selection of fantastic used cars here.