Tyre Pressure During The Colder Months ​

You may notice when the weather turns colder, the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light on your dashboard lights up more frequently. Here at Motorchoice we recommend checking your tire pressure regularly during the colder months to help keep the TPMS light off and your vehicle safe.

It’s very typical, at this time of the year for us motorists to get this warning light and be a little worried. You will normally see this first thing in the morning when we are at our coldest. During the autumnal months we can hope that the temperature will heat up and in which case the light will go off. But we all know Aberdeen's weather and the light may remain there for you to check the pressure of your tyres. In either case we recommend that you check your tyres regular to make sure you have a confident drive wherever you’re heading.

According to leading manufacturers they state that for every 10 degree drop in temperature the tyre decreases by one or two pounds per square inch (PSI). Checking the tyre pressure is vital for vehicle safety, tyre life and fuel mileage. When you drive with a bad tyre pressure can lower your fuel mileage by 0.3 percent for every one PSI drop in pressure of all four tyres and improve fuel efficiency by up to 3.3 percent when the correct tire pressure is maintained.

Tyre pressure should be checked at least monthly. It is important to note that used cars with tyre pressure monitoring systems may not alert you until the tyre is significantly under-inflated, so you may want to check it more frequently. It is important to check tyre pressure whenever there is a significant weather change and more often during the winter months.