Supagard for your Used Car

Used Car Paint Protection

You may be surprised to learn as soon as your car leaves the dealership it is exposed to countless pollutants which damage the exterior of your car. Although, damage caused by UV rays, acid/alkaline rain, bird droppings and road salts are somewhat unavoidable, at JC Select we have the perfect solution to protect your car against all of the above. Our used car superstores in Stirling, Perth and Edinburgh are proud to offer you a range of Supagard products including industry-leading paint protection. What's more, Supagard paint protection is applied by specialists at our dealerships in Scotland, meaning the exterior of your car will be proficiently defended against many environmental threats.

Why choose Supagard? All Supagard products undergo continuous and rigorous independent testing by manufacturers and the Paint Research Association to maintain our technical superiority over other products.

Protect your car today with Supagard. Contact us for more details.

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