SMART Protect Insurance

​​Wouldn’t it be a shame if the no claims bonus you had built up over many years was lost due to a minor scratch or dent on the bodywork?

With our smart protect insurance, your vehicle can remain in optimum condition without you having to make an insurance claim or compromise your no claims bonuses.

Simply process your claim and arrange the repair via the Smart Protect app, online or via telephone as soon as it’s happened, and before you know it, a fully trained bodywork technician will be there to carry out the Smart repair at your home or work at a time that suits you. This is a smart way of carrying out localised repairs, without the need to repaint an entire panel. It’s also a faster process and all repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of ownership​.

SMART Protect Insurance Benefits

As well as protecting your no claims bonus SMART protect also has several other benefits, the award-winning SMART repair service is manufacturer-approved and sets the industry standard. Any chips, dents, scuffs and light scratches are all covered and making a claim via the SMART app or online is simple meaning no forms need to be completed. Repairs can be carried out in a convenient location such as your home or work so you don't need to worry about getting your vehicle booked in at a body shop, or being without a car for days. Should you decide to sell your vehicle, SMART protect guarantees that the retail value is optimised. If the damage can't be repaired using our smart repair techniques and can only be repaired by a body shop we will contribute up to £250 (including VAT) towards the cost of a body shop repair.