Why We Love Peugeot SUV's

Hunched in your hatchback? Squeezing into your saloon? Crammed in your coupe? Well we have two amazing models from Peugeot that are going make you stretch out and enjoy driving again.Whether it’s just for you or it’s you and everyone in the family, the Peugeot 3008 and 5008 range will have you more than happy to switch to something bigger.​

The Peugeot 3008

There is no better feeling than being comfortable. But what if that comfortability came with an amazing drive, well you would be sitting in an all-new 3008. One of the most popular cars of 2018, this amazing vehicle ticks all your boxes and stores them in boot without you having to adjust any seats. With diesel and petrol engines available you can choose the best for the way you drive. Whether your taking this car to work or around the countryside the suspension will have you there in maximum driving comfort. The bigger 19in wheels grip the road tightly giving that confidence back when the roads get a bit weather beaten.Inside there is a spacious front cabin kitted out with all the latest infotainment, DAB radio, Bluetooth and a digital instrument display, what can configure in several styles. Surfaces are soft to the touch and mix of materials blend harmoniously to enhance any journey that you’re on. The 3008 is a great way to break into a bigger car and feel confident on any road.

The Peugeot 5008

Swish interior, bigger size and next level functional dashboard the Peugeot 5008 creates a great driving experience for those who like to live large. With a brilliant choice of engine size and fuel type available you can enjoy choosing something that will perfectly fit your style. Whether you like the longer journeys, or you enjoy a bigger car to head to the city then home, the 5008 will allow you to do it with ease and style. Aberdeen’s potholes will be a faint memory when driving the 5008. The suspension holds you tight to the road without that ever-jiggly feeling. Enjoy being head and shoulders above the rest of the road with something taller in height and superior in style. Don’t panic about parking though, the 360degree camera system is available to guide you into any and every car space.Play your favourite songs through Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, Android Auto smartphone mirroring and the DAB Radio. All integrated on an 8.00in screen which includes sat-nav. If the infotainment wasn’t enough, what about the interior. The complimenting textures that trim the car embrace the Peugeot refined style. Planning on going on holiday? The 5008 can fit up to 10 carry-on suitcases without much effort, so maybe plan that trip you always wanted a little sooner than expected. The 5008 combines a larger luxury vehicle with every practicality to make driving an experience worth revisiting.