The First Electric Car From Peugeot Is Coming Soon!

​Peugeot has just revealed that it is building an Electric Peugeot 208. Which is getting everyone at Specialist Cars Peugeot very excited. Expected to launch next year we are looking forward to what Peugeot twist it will have on the now staple within other brands model range. ​

The car will be a next generation of the Peugeot 208. The compact favourite hatchback will be fitted with an electric power train and battery pack to provide a brilliant driving experience with zero-emissions. It has been eagerly awaited and now with the electric on the horizon we can get extremely charged up for this new model.

Whilst other manufacturers have created electric cars to look futuristic and streamlined. Peugeot have stated that they want the Electric Peugeot 208 to remain the same, for the car to blend more naturally within their other models.

With the engine being replaced with a battery pack Peugeot have stated that they have worked hard to create a quieter drive. They have focused on the noise from the tyres.  Allowing you to relax and enjoy everything the Electric Peugeot 208 can offer.

We are very excited for the new additional to the Peugeot range and we look forward to introducing it to you soon. What are your thoughts on electric cars? Are you charged up ready for change or do you prefer something a bit more traditional?

If you have loved the idea of the electric Peugeot 208 but can’t wait until next year, you can browse our current Peugeot 208 range, here!