Enhance Your Driving Experience With the MYPEUGEOT App 

Peugeot is now at your fingertips.  Everything you need to know about your Peugeot can now be accessed on your smartphone.  With the free MYPEUGEOT app you can stay connected to make your life easier on the road.

Start up your phone, download the MYPEUGEOT app and enjoy the connected experience. To begin, all you need is a VIN number and a valid email address. The VIN number of Vehicle Identification Number can be found on your car.  Once you are inside of your Peugeot, you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth for the app to receive information directly from the car.

MYPEUGEOT makes driving more cost effective.  At the end of any trip the MYPEUGEOT app will send informative data, including fuel consumption, potential technical alerts, maintenance or servicing alerts or navigation destination.  The app will save the location of your car, this is great for those times you can’t quite remember where your parked.

There is also a maintenance section of the MYPEUGEOT app which is a great solution for any technical problems that you may need a bit more explanation on. Sometimes a light can come on a dash and you’re stuck not knowing what it may relate to. The MYPEUGEOT app keeps up to date with any MOT or maintenance appointments that have already taken place. It will also alert you to any future maintenance or repairs required. After any work that has been completed it can be added to the MYPEUGEOT app to keep an electronic service history for your Peugeot.

The MYPEUGEOT app also gives you the latest Peugeot news, aftersales offers, events and competitions, making sure you're up-to-date on all things Peugeot. Download the app today and stay connected.