The Peugeot Concept e-Legend 

The Paris Motor Show always provides great excitement for us car lovers.  This year’s show was no different.  Peugeot sparked a lot of intrigue when they showcased their very own retro take on the future of mobility.  The new concept Peugeot e-Legend combines old school looks with an all-electric technology.  Although this car won’t be produced for retail we can still dream about its innovative styling and futuristic driving convenience.

The outer of the new Peugeot e-Legend has a strong sense of nostalgia.  It demonstrated an uninhibited design which re-interprets the popular 504 Coupé from the 70’s.  A classic model even then, but not re-imagined with a more streamlined and lightweight aesthetic.  Although you may feel that this model is stepping backwards in time with the athletic angularity of its silhouette there is still a modern edge that radiates from the exterior.  This car is rich in history with Peugeot introducing the new e-Legend 50 years after the first Peugeot 504 was sold.

The concept may be inspired from historical Peugeot vehicles, but the engine is completely new.  Powered by an all-electric system that can push 340 kW of power along with a hefty 800Nm of torque.  The Peugeot e-Legend has a 100kWh battery pack which is enough to last up to 350 miles.  Peugeot has stated that they have enabled a faster charge technology which can power the engine up to 83% in just 25 minutes.  The top speed is capped at 200kmph and the e-Legend can go from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds. 

Fast but also comfortable. The Peugeot e-Legend has four driving modes available, including two autonomous and two manual modes. There is now a ‘soft’ mode on offer which is for enhanced driving comfort with minimal connectivity and information display. By contrast the Peugeot ‘sharp’ mode has a maximum information exchange through a 49-inch curved screen. With incredible sound along with a curved screen that is completely futuristic. The manual modes feature what is to be called the ‘legend’ mode. There is a dashboard reminiscent of the 504 Coupe triple dials for information display and a ‘boost’ mode for high-spirited performance.

Inside there is a plush velvet, leather and mahogany interior. Giving that retro feel with what looks to be a comfortable sofa for back passenger seats. Peacock blue velvet mixes well the soft browns of the wood which highlight that retro feel excellently.

While the Peugeot e-Legend is only a concept for future models we can hope that some of these features will be used for other models going forward. We do wish however that the e-Legend would go into production as this has made us so excited for the future of driving and the future for Peugeot.