John Clark Motor Group Corporate Governance

Including S172 of the Companies Act 2006

As a wholly family owned company, we operate our business in accordance with an agreed set of core values, which address how we deliver value to both the communities in which we operate and to our shareholders. These core values also drive how we interact with a range of stakeholders, including our customers, staff and suppliers plus franchise, banking, funding and property partners.

Our mission statement is “To Deliver an exceptional experience that customers trust and advocate, by working as a family” Our P.R.I.D.E. core values can be summarised as :

PassionBe committed. Be a local hero. Show pride in what you do.
ResponsibleMake a difference. Be accountable. Celebrate success and learn from mistakes.
IntegrityRespect customers. Always be the best you can be. Work as a team.
DependableDeliver on your promises. Be transparent and trustworthy. Have a positive outlook.
EnterprisingShow initiative. Pursue growth and learning. Be resourceful.
Employees are briefed on these core values as part of their induction when they join the group. Our mission statement and core values are also promoted via our in house communication Intranet site. Our zero tolerance approach to any form of staff behaviour which is considered to constitute harassment, bullying or victimisation on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion or age is also covered during an employee’s induction as well as within their employment contract.

Our Board of Directors is made up of our Chairman, Group Managing Director, Group Finance Director and three non-executive Directors. John H S Clark as Chairman and Christopher J Clark as Group Managing Director are each registered at Companies House as a Person of Significant Control, across this company and all subsidiaries thereof, given that they own more than 25% of the shares of this company. Our Group Finance Director is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. All three of our non-executive Directors also hold formal accounting qualifications. Two of them also offer the benefit of many years of multi-franchise motor trade experience whilst the other is a retired former partner of one of the UK’s leading accountancy firms.

John H S Clark and Christopher J Clark are also Directors of all of our wholly owned subsidiaries. Five of these subsidiary company Boards see added Franchise Director appointments. The duly registered identities and contact details for John, Christopher and our Franchise Directors is also promoted to customers via our internet website.

Our statutory boards are supported by our Operations Board, which includes representation from all operating divisions as well as our central support services team. Specialist knowledge on Finance and Insurance operations plus Human Resources and Marketing input is provided by three group level directors.

Holdings, Subsidiary and Operations Board appointments are discussed with and ratified beforehand by our Chairman and Group Managing Director. When appointed, Directors attend an induction event where their legislative and fiduciary duties are set out and reviewed, including the obligations under paragraph 1 (a) to (f) of section 172 of the Companies Act 2006.

The remuneration of all Board members is reviewed each year, as is that of all dealership senior management team colleagues.  Monthly, quarterly and post year-end payments against these plans are measured and monitored by the Group Managing Director and Group Finance Director.  These payments reflect a mix of performance related rewards which are linked to both quantitative trading results thresholds and qualitative objectives which include customer satisfaction survey and franchise partner scorecard results as well as staff communication and motivation measures. 

We provide a range of optional lifestyle choice benefits to our staff, including defined contribution pension, child care vouchers, private medical insurance and cycle to work schemes.  We also provide death in service life insurance cover to all employees.

Our minority shareholders plus banking and finance house funding partners receive regular updates on key performance indicators, plus forecast and actual trading results as well as financial liquidity.  Our dealership management teams receive regular topical briefings from their respective Franchise Directors.  The Chairman and Group Managing Director also support regular site visits as well as the annual group management conference plus bi-annual vehicle sale and aftersales team meetings.

Whilst we sell to customers throughout the UK, all of our operations are based entirely in Scotland. We do not operate any offshore companies, trusts or bank accounts. Customer satisfaction is closely monitored via daily, weekly and monthly measurement through a mix of online feedback channels and franchise partner surveys.

We support a variety of initiatives which seek to support the communities in which we live and work. These include local and regional level charity fund raising exercises as well as various community engagement sponsorships.

Further examples of how we as a Board address our corporate governance duties can be found within both the Coronavirus Pandemic and Opportunity and Risk sections of the Strategic Report within our annual audited statutory accounts.

Our Company Values
Our Company Values
passion We are committed in everything we do and take pride in our roles knowing that we are always striving to be the best we can be with the goal of being leaders in our industry.
Responsible We care about what we do, our colleagues and our customers: while being accountable for our actions, learning from our mistakes, and most importantly recognising and celebrating success.
integrity We are honest and work hard as a team to uphold the high standards that help us to achieve an exceptional customer experience in a positive working environment.
dependable We ensure our colleagues and customers have confidence in us and that we always do what we said we would do. We deliver on our promises. We are trustworthy. We are transparent.
enterprising We encourage ourselves and our colleagues to show initiative, pursue growth and change to develop personally and improve the business.