Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement December 2016

In our position as one of Scotland’s largest motor dealerships and having access to a global supply chain including international vehicle manufacturers, we recognise that we have a responsibility, along with other large corporations in the UK, to take action to prevent the exploitation of workers in the furtherance of financial gain. Having long had a focus on corporate social responsibility, we support the objectives of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the move to increase and promote transparency and accountability within supply chains. We are committed to ensuring that slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking is not present in any aspect of our business including our supply chain. Our approach is one of zero tolerance. We wish to conduct our business in a way which is ethical and fair.

We are committed to operating in a way which combats slavery and human trafficking and to encouraging those in our supply chain to adopt a similar approach. We have taken the steps outlined in this Statement to meet this objective and will assess and implement such additional steps as may reasonably be necessary on an ongoing basis.

Chris Clark

Managing Director

John Clark (Holdings) Limited

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement December 2016