Chloe Grant Focusses on Next Race After Incident in Italy​​

Chloe Grants racing at Monza
Photo Credit: F1 Academy Limited

Chloe Grant is looking ahead to the next race in the F1 Academy calendar after a frightening accident at the last event at Monza at the weekend (7th-9th July).

Chloe was extremely lucky to walk away after a shunt occurred only seconds after the beginning of one of the races at the weekend. The 15-car field drew close together as they headed into the series of first corners of the track at Monza, Italy and Chloe’s ART Grand Prix car launched into the air.

She landed upside down and the car briefly caught fire but she was quickly and carefully extracted thanks to a quick response from the support teams. Her car’s “halo” likely saved her life during the incident.

Reflecting, Chloe said “I remember it being really tight at the start with all the drivers jostling for position. I didn’t manage to slow down quickly enough with so many cars going into the first turn and clipped one in front. The next thing I’m airborne and upside down in the car. It all went by in a blur…I was upside down and I could see flames inside the car right next to my arm. It was great that the track marshals responded so rapidly with fire extinguishers and managed to pull me out of danger. I’m very grateful to the medical team. People have been very supportive and I’d like to thank everyone for their kind wishes…I got back home this evening [Monday] and am currently nursing a few bumps and bruises but on the flight home from Milan, I was already thinking ahead to the next races at Paul Ricard. I’ll be working hard before heading to France where I want to end the European leg on a high.”

Everyone at John Clark Motor Group is relieved that Chloe is safe and wish her luck as she prepares for the final race of the European leg of the F1 Academy at Paul Ricard in France at the end of the month (29-30th July).

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