Chloe Grant Gears Up For F1 Academy Finale in Austin​

The final race of the inaugural F1 Academy season takes place this weekend (20th-22nd October) in Austin, Texas and Chloe Grant will be taking to the track once again as a member of the ART Grand Prix team. We were able to catch up with her ahead of the finale to get some insights on what it means to be an F1 Academy driver. We are so excited for the race this weekend and wish Chloe the best of luck in what will be another amazing racing experience in her career.

The F1 Academy will be broadcast live on Sky in the UK alongside coverage of the Formula 1 Lenovo United States Grand Prix.

Chloe Grants racing at Monza
Photo Credit: F1 Academy Limited
Chloe Grants stands in front of the ART Grand Prix logo. She is wearing a white top and is holding her blonde hair up.
Photo Credit: F1 Academy Limited
Chloe Grant in action in Barcelona
Photo Credit: F1 Academy Limited

Congratulations on your performance across the season! How do you feel like it’s gone?

It’s been a really good learning season for me. The rest of the grid is made up of excellent drivers with a lot of experience which has made me push really hard throughout the season. I have learned a lot from them.

Are you looking forward to the final race in Austin?

I am very excited about the finale this coming weekend. It’s an incredible opportunity to be racing alongside Formula 1, and also to be racing in America is incredibly exciting! I’m really happy that the race will be broadcast live on Sky Sports - it’ll be great for all motorsport fans.

How are you training for the race?

I have been working really hard over the past couple of months, with daily sessions on my simulator, going to the gym, and running or cycling. I have also been practicing mindfulness to help practice the state of calmness and remaining focussed.

Are you excited to be racing in Austin alongside the Formula 1 teams?

Yes, I can’t wait! Of course, I feel the pressure as this event will have a huge audience compared to anything I’ve experienced before, but I also want to take it all in and enjoy it.

What does an average day for an F1 Academy Driver look like through the season?

An average day for me is to begin the day with breakfast before going to the gym, have a break, then go for either a run or a cycle. In the afternoon, I work on my college course, followed by a SIM session for 2 hours. Then I can enjoy downtime with my dog, Sandy, and watch TV with my mum!

What has been the highlight of the season for you on or off the track?

At round 2 in València, race 1, I achieved my best position this season. I’m chasing that.

What has surprised you the most about F1 Academy?

The amount of track time that I have had running in this championship has been incredible. It’s an amazing platform that F1 Academy has created and they have been incredibly supportive.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned across the season?

I have learned it is important to have patience, which doesn’t always come easy because I want results fast - whether it be my college work, fitness, or racing. Mindfulness and mental preparation are just as important as physical preparation.

Chloe Grant in her car ready to start at Donington
Chloe Grant sits on her car before the race
Chloe Grant lines up at Donington
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