Clarkie's Abseilers - Meet the Team!​

A person abseils down a cliffside at sunset. The words "Clarkie's Abseilers Meet the Team" are overlaid in white text

On 8th October 2023 a team of 20 keen participants from across John Clark Motor Group will be taking part in an abseil on the iconic Forth Bridge to raise money for Race Against Dementia.

They’ll have to summon all their courage as they take on the 165ft drop at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, landing safely on the golden sandy beach at South Queensferry below. It’s not a task for the faint-hearted so the team will be spending the next few weeks preparing themselves for an SAS-style free fall!

They will be raising money for our charity partner Race Against Dementia (RAD) and we have set an ambitious goal of £5000, with each team member tasked with raising £250 individually.

Meet the team of brave abseilers below and if you would like to donate to the team to help the reach their goal please click the button below!

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Brenda Stewart sits behind a desk in her Pentland uniform

Brenda Stewart

“I'm doing this abseil challenge for RAD as the disease has affected many thousands of people including sadly, my best friend's Dad, which makes it more personal to me.”

Stephen Emsley wearing sunglasses

Stephen Emsley

“I'm doing this challenge for RAD as it's so sad seeing any loved ones that have had a great memory, for it to just disappear for no reason and they can't do anything to stop it.”

Karen Campbell-Eadie

“For me, it isn’t just about having fun while raising funds for an incredible charity, it affects people I know on a daily basis whether personally with family and friends or in a close friend’s case, every day at work.

I attended dementia awareness training a few years back and learned so much about the different types of dementia and how to support people who are affected, and I am delighted to be able to support Sir Jackie Stewart OBE’s charity ‘Race Against Dementia’ next weekend.”

Murray Boyle with the countryside behind him. He wears dark clothes with sunglasses tucked into his t-shirt

Murray Boyle

“I am looking forward to supporting a charity for a cause that has impacted several people in my family and dropping 180 feet seems like a fun way to spend a Sunday!

Looks like I’m first up also!”

Shelagh Clunes wearing a green jacket and dark sunglasses

Shelagh Clunes

“I want to do this as it is on my "45 before 45 list" but also it's a really good cause and it should be a fun experience.

Further details of the 45 before 45 list available on request!”

Kieran Morris

“I enjoy taking part in different charity events and also challenging myself at new things - race against dementia has become a regular for me at this stage. Bring on the abseil”

Jaimee-Leigh Hodge

Jaimee-leigh Hodge

“I am taking on the abseiling challenge as I am a bit of a thrill seeker and would love to overcome my fear of heights. I am so happy to be doing it for RAD as my wee granny suffered from dementia for a number of years and I would love to help anyone that is going through the same.”

Ryan Darlington, some trees are in the background

Ryan Darlington

“Race Against Dementia is a great cause, and when the opportunity to abseil off the side of the Fourth Rail Bridge presents itself – you take it!”

Alex Lynskey

"I'm facing my fears and taking on the abseil in aid of a brilliant cause which supports an illness which currently has no cure. I was recently inspired to go for it when I heard the story of Jordan and Cian, who are two of the youngest people in the UK to be given a dementia diagnosis at the ages of 28 and 23. Time to pull myself together and brave the bridge for an amazing charity."

Colin McAllister in front of a white background.

Colin McAllister

“I am participating because I lost my Father-in-Law to Dementia Last year. We spent many months caring for him both in a care home and then when we got home. It was a very traumatic time trying to care for someone who often didn’t know you, was abusive to you and would not even let you in to his house. Trying to not take this personally and focus on helping him was very difficult. I would make him dinner and he would pretend to eat it but not trust it. Other times he would be really happy and fun. I learned that music had a great impact on hm and if I put on CDs or DVDs it would lift his mood. SO I had quite a few dinners with him watching Andre Rieu. It was really hard watching the change in him on a daily basis and I would love to help find a cure for this disease.”

Emma Swan is sitting inside a car. She wears dark rimmed glasses.

Emma Swan

"I’m taking part in the abseil to face a fear of mine whilst raising money for a very important cause."

Tania Robertson is wearing thin rimmed glasses

Tania Robertson

“The reason I am doing the abseil is because I like to push my limits and this is something that does that for me, not to mention the fact it’s for a good cause also.”

Shelley Drummond stands on a cliffside with the sea behind her. She is wearing a grey top and holds a grey jumper.

Shelley Drummond

“As much as I haven’t been affected by dementia directly, I do know how chronic illnesses can affect not only the person suffering with the illness but also the impact that it has on the family. So to be able to support such an important cause does mean a lot to me.”

Gordon Bennet

“I am doing the abseil for her as she has dementia and it a horrible disease to see anyone go through.”

Scott Fraser

"I'm taking part in this charity event because I'd like to make a difference."

Nicholas Donoghue

“I seen that JCMG were taking part in an abseil at the forth rail bridge in support of race against dementia, and having a family member currently suffering from this illness, thought it be a great way to give back to the charity during their continued support to my grandma and family.”

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