Finance Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a finance quote?

  • Visit any John Clark showroom and we’ll talk you through your options
  • Simply fill out our quick online application

Do you need to know my salary and outgoings?

  • Sometimes we may ask you for some more details but mostly just information about you, your address and employment history, together with your bank account details to set up a direct debit

What documentation do I need to provide to get car finance?

  • Our lenders require you to hold a full UK or EU driving licence, preferably showing your current address
  • You may also need an additional proof of address dated within the last 90 days e.g. bank or mortgage statement, utility, or council tax bill

How long does it take to process my finance application?

  • In most cases we will be able to get a decision within 30 minutes. Sometimes this might take longer if we need more information from you, but we’ll always keep you updated regardless
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry out a credit search?

  • Yes, our lenders will search your address history and credit file and keep a record of this. If we need to carry out more than one search, we will ask your permission first.

I’m self employed, can I get car finance?

  • Yes, we can still get you a great deal if you’re self employed although our lenders may ask to see your last 3 months bank statements. We’ll let you know if we need these at the time.

Can I still get motor finance despite a poor credit history?

  • Every finance application is different and we have access to a wide range of lenders who each have different criteria. We’ll do our very best to find you an acceptable deal. In most cases we achieve this, although this may take us a bit longer than usual.

If I have any further questions, how do I contact you?

  • Either by phoning or emailing our sales team member who is helping you. We will always keep you up to date with your finance application