Personal Contract Hire (PCP) finance is a great way of affording a new vehicle. It is a popular way of financing both a New Car or Used Car.

This way of paying for your vehicle involves monthly instalments for an agreed term and a deposit at the start, just like if you took out a loan. The amount you pay will be a bit cheaper than if you took out another method of Finance.

Unlike going for a Hire Purchase Deal you won’t own the vehicle at the end of the term. You will have paid off around a third of the vehicle's cost. There is an optional final payment that is often referred to as the ‘balloon payment’ to pay at the end of the agreement to take full ownership. Alternatively, if you don’t want to make the final payment you can simply return the car and set up a deal and do it all again.

It is no surprise that affordable PCP offers have become an incredibly popular way of picking up both new and used cars.

PCP Deals

Here at The John Clark Motor Group, we have attractively priced offers across our full vehicle range. We can set you up with used PCP financing or on a shiny brand new model.

Latest PCP Deals

Audi Range
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Why PCP?

It puts you in the driving seat - purchase the car, part-exchange it or simply return it, the choice is all yours!

Manageable Monthly payments - perfect for budgeting

Guaranteed Value - the lender guarantees a minimum future value for your car

Tax breaks - If you're opting out of a company scheme, your cash alternative isn't subject to company car tax

VAT free - no VAT on payments