Not Got a Driveway but Want an Electric Car? Your Options Explained Here

Looking to get an electric car but live in a flat or terraced housing and have nowhere to install a charger?

Nearly 1/3rd of car owners are in this situation not having access to off-street parking. Particularly in inner-city locations. While those with driveways have an easy, convenient place, there are still many practical charging solutions available than you might think.

Keep reading to learn more about the options available.

Use Public Charging Stations.

Using a public charging solution is the simplest way to top up your EV. But these are not always an option. Also since anyone can hook their car up so availability can’t be guaranteed.

Websites like Zap-Map can show you the closest charging locations around your home for convenience.

How are Public Charging Solutions Being Developed?

There is no shortage of charging solutions being developed right now that can keep your electric car charged and ready to go. Let’s take a look at a few of the innovative solutions.

Lamp Post Charging

Using Lamp Post to charge electric vehicles is an incredibly innovative solution to today’s charging challenges. Using city infrastructure such as lamp posts to double as charging electric vehicles is cheap and easy to do compared to other charging solutions. Ideal for cities where air pollution is more focused.

Turning lamp posts into chargers is being trialled in London. Over 1300 have been installed so far. Most notably Sutherland Avenue features 24 EV charging lamp posts. Earning it the nickname ‘Electric Avenue.

These lamp posts don’t offer as much of a charger as dedicated solutions but make up for it with their ease of installation and the ability to be powered by renewable energy.

Kerbside Charging

British company Connected Kerb have developed a range of kerbside chargers. Their unique approach to EV charging helps make solutions even more accessible. Another way to make charging possible for those without a dedicated solution at home. They are even made from mostly recycled materials to keep their impact on the environment low.

Pop Up Chargers

Another U.K. company that makes this list is Urban Electric. This company makes charging solutions that cut down on the street clutter you can see with many alternatives. The chargers are installed underneath the pavement. You will find Urban Electric’s chargers already in use in Oxford.

Electric Vehicle Charging Channels

Created by Green Mole, this style of charging solution is practical for those with a pavement directly in front of their house. It buries the cable directly under the pavement avoiding trip hazards. It is an excellent solution for those with a terraced house.

Charger Sharing Services

This is another option for those looking to charge an EV without space of their own. People can choose to share their charger for a small fee or for free. An excellent solution if you live near friends or family.

Check out services like Co Charger or Plug Share to learn more.

Council Grants

You can also ask your local council about the grants available and ask that they install a charge point on your street. The office for low emissions vehicles (OLEV) grant will pay £350 off your installation costs of a maximum of two chargers making it more affordable.

Workplace Charging

Charging your EV at your work is another great way to keep your car topped up. It can take the pressure off the need for a home charging solution. It is estimated that by the end of 2022 over half of company car parks will have at least one charger. An ideal solution for those without access to one at home. Especially seeing your car is sitting idle at work all day.

There are also benefits for businesses to install chargers at work. It adds an extra employee benefit having to charge on-site as well as the benefits for the environment. You can also take advantage of the government workplace charging scheme to reduce installation costs.

Destination Charging

The other charging solution available is destination charging. You’ll find these in locations such as gyms and supermarkets installing EV chargers in their car parks to encourage people to use their business. Often for free.

The government is also planning to install charging points at least every 20 miles on motorways and A roads in England. Also, many fuel stations already offer rapid charging in stations close to motorways.

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