Kvadrat Sustainability

When looking for a partner to bring high quality responsible materials to the Land Rover model it made sense to work with one as esteemed as Kvadrat that has its consciousness so well aligned with Land Rovers own.

Where a dyeing machine previously used 20 litres of water per kilogram of wool it now uses only a few litres and 85% of the water that is used is then recycled to be used again. They use a closed system of machines which also reduces energy and heat loss and allows them to recycle the chemicals being used.

Kvadrat also works with Wooltex to produce Re-Wool and Sabi, two recycled wool upholstery textiles that are made from recycling fibres from the spinning process and re-using scraps that would have been waste respectively.
New robot technology is now used in the winding process which allows them to reduce the amount of broken yarn that ends up as waste by connecting loose ends to one long thread of yarn.