Introducing Kvadrat

Kvadrat is a Danish textile company that was established in Denmark in 1968 and has worked with renowned architects and designers worldwide in their long history. They are a leader in design innovation and produce contemporary textiles whilst having consideration for responsibility and the environment. Their headquarters and warehouse in Ebeltoft have been covered 100% by renewable wind energy since 2010.

Land Rover is using their wool blend textiles as part of an alternative to leather products in their new models. Using natural wool means that they are utilising a natural, renewable, durable, and recyclable material which then, in turn, lasts longer and has the least possible impact on the environment.

They source their wool from Australia and New Zealand, two countries where sheep farming thrives, as farmers there have a dedication to sustainable farming and they have developed an efficient means of production that makes use of traditional techniques whilst also consistently producing a very high quality of wool.

From here, the raw yarn material is then taken to Kvadrat’s mill in Yorkshire named Wooltex. Here they have insourced all production processes and upgraded its machinery so that they use less energy and water. They also strive to be a zero waste company by recycling as much as they possibly can.