Battery Recycling

Land Rover guarantees that the battery in your PHEV car lasts for 6 years or 100,00km (60,000 miles) and whilst it’s under warranty our EV experts at Pentland will fix any defects free of charge. Land Rover also identifies that if there is an issue with a battery it usually is contained to just one cell, which can then be replaced by itself to allow your car to continue at peak performance.

Once your battery does reach the end of its automotive life, Land Rover are committed to making it part of their circular economy and forwarding their commitment to sustainability. They currently have multiple “Second Life” partners that they work with to reuse batteries.

Whilst they can no longer provide the same amount of power to their Land Rovers they still have a usable capacity of up to 80% which can provide power. They are put to work in energy storage, ranging from large grid-supporting systems to portable mini versions.

Once the battery can be no longer used it will have the precious raw materials such as copper, nickel, cobalt, and zinc recovered and then reused in new batteries. Land Rover is aiming to recycle 98% of the rare materials in each battery pack whilst also creating more sustainable components that can extend the life of your vehicles.