Land Rover customers will be able to opt for a fully electric powertrain as the first Land Rover EV becomes available. It will be the first of an anticipated six all-electric Land Rovers that will be part of the brand’s commitment to helping to reduce pollution and create a sustainable future.

The brand wants to lead on clean energy and to continue to advance their role in the circular economy, which is what many of their sustainable materials are directly connected to. JLR has already committed around £2.5bn annually to investments in electrification technologies and the development of connected services.

To support this shift to electrification, Land Rover opened a specialist testing facility for the next generation of vehicles in 2022. The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) lab is at Gaydon and will ensure that future vehicles meet current and future legislation and quality standards for connectivity and electronics.

As the automotive industry also shifts to heavily increase the number of electric powertrain options and digital and cloud-based services on vehicles, testing for EMC is integral to ensuring quality, legal, and customer satisfaction. Land Rover is committed to giving customers the most advanced in in-vehicle connectivity.