Ultrafabrics Design

Ultrafabrics pride themselves on continuous innovation in the materials that they create so that they can set new standards on functionality. This includes the very makeup of their polyurethane leather alternative.

Takumi Technology, the only process capable of achieving the premium quality of Ultrafabrics, takes its name from the Japanese word for artisan and sees its engineers work four perfect layers into one unified system that has lasting strength and comfort.

Protective Surface Layer

Bleach cleanable
Withstands cleaners and disinfectants
Protects from stains
Liquid and moisture repellent
Enhances durability and ease of care
Non-allergenic and odour free

Topskin Layer

Exclusive polycarbonate resins engineered for enduring strength
Quality pigments ensure lasting colour vibrancy
Consistent grain retention

Climate Regulating Microfoam

Polycarbonate foam structure for added comfort
Dissipates heat and moisture away from body
Supports body climate regulation


Provides upholstering ease
Superior foundation delivers dimensional stability