Waiting List for Range Rover Electric Now Open as Prototype Testing Phase Begins​

Close up of the EV logo in the centre of an alloy wheel on the Range Rover Electric
Close up of the rear lights and bumper of a grey Range Rover Electric
Close up of the electric charging point on a grey Range Rover Electric

Land Rover have opened the waiting list for the highly anticipated Range Rover Electric ahead of formals orders opening at a later date. Joining the waiting list will allow you to become one of the first to place a pre-order for the model in 2024 whilst also receiving updates about the iconic new Range Rover.

The new Range Rover will amplify the modern luxury credentials whilst retaining the classic and distinctive British design and ensuring towing, wading, and all-terrain technology surpasses any other luxury electric SUV.

Thomas Müller, Executive Director, Product Engineering, JLR commented: “We are on target to create the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created. The magic ingredients that underpin the success of Range Rover remain unchanged: timeless, reductionist design, a serene cabin and go-anywhere capability – but now offered with zero tailpipe emissions. And as repeated throughout history, the Range Rover will continue to set the standard. The first of its type. An electric luxury SUV that can deliver on the Range Rover promise. A true global luxury product, as yet unseen in the industry. Created in the heart of the United Kingdom, the Range Rover Electric will slot into the range alongside its mild hybrid and plug-in electric hybrid siblings, offering a breadth of options to meet our clients’ needs.”

The performance of the Range Rover Electric will be comparable to a flagship Range Rover V8 and feature the all-terrain capability that has been a hallmark of the brand since its inception in 1970.

With physical prototype testing now underway, engineers are targeting to make the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created with unique active road noise cancellation configuration, sound design, and level of cabin comfort.

Virtual development before that took a year and covered front-end robustness, multi-body systems analysis that considers the demand on the chassis, and virtual wading at speeds up to 50km/h. On-road testing has now begun globally from Sweden to Dubai to give a wide variety of temperatures ranging from -40C to +50C in a global testing programme that has been adapted especially for Range Rover’s first fully electric vehicle.

The new Range Rover Electric is going to be designed, engineered, and produced in the UK on the flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) in Solihull alongside the existing mild hybrid and plug in hybrid Range Rover models. Batteries and EDUs will be produced and assembled at JLR’s new Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton.

For more information, to test drive a new Range Rover from the current model range, or to ask questions, please contact your nearest Pentland Land Rover dealership today.