Tyre Safety Checks & Winter Tyres

Make sure your tyres deliver as the temperature drops.

Understanding tyre safety and Land Rover winter wheels is not just about diving in the snow and ice - it only takes a drop to just below 7°C for tyres to have substantially less grip. Land Rover winter wheels will help you stop 10% faster than with summer tyres, and in the depths of an unpredictable Scottish winter, their natural rubber compound stays more malleable to significantly improve traction.

They are now more affordable than ever with 0% finance so you can spread the cost.

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Free Cold Weather Tyre Check

At Pentland Land Rover your safety is paramount to us.

With our free tyre safety checks our expertly trained technicians will inspect and report on the condition of your tyres.

  • Tread depth and uneven wear
  • Unusual objects, lumps, bulges and misshapen tyres
  • Wear and tear such as cracks, splits and other damage
  • Checking the pressures are at the correct inflation for your vehicle
  • You have the right style of tyre for your model and season e.g. correct type for electric vehicles, or summer/winter tyres

Our team will then make recommendations and find you the best deals if you require replacements or repairs. Our aim is to keep you sure-footed on all terrains; high-performance tyres make all the difference to your driving experience. At Land Rover, we supply premium, high-performance tyres, including Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli, all at competitive prices and fitted by our highly trained Pentland technicians.

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