Land Rover Tyre and Alloy Insurance

Designed and built to showcase it's robust appearance and incredibly performance capabilities, your Land Rover leaves the showroom perfect condition. Unfortunately, tyres can get damaged or burst if you accidentally hit a kerb or a pot hole. Minor blemishes and grazes are also inevitable in today's motoring conditions, but don't worry, we have the ideal solution.

Tyre and alloy wheel insurance, protects you against unsolicited damage. In other words, if you accidentally scuff your Land Rover alloy wheels or tyres, you do not have to worry about the high repair cost if you have tyre and alloy wheel protection. Another key reason why individuals opt for tyre protection and alloy wheel protect is because, not only do scratches and grazes damage the appearance of your Land Rover model, they also depreciate its value.

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Land Rover Gap Insurance

Benefits of Tyre and Alloy Wheel Protection

  • Unlimited number of puncture repairs
  • Covers the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged tyres
  • Helps to keep your alloy wheels looking as good as new
  • Helps protect the appearance and value of your vehicle by covering the cost of repairs to your alloy wheel

At our Pentland Land Rover dealerships located across Scotland we offer our customers Tyre and Alloy wheel insurance. By opting for tyre and alloy wheels cover, you will protect yourself from the unforeseen financial loss of damaging your Land Rover tyres and alloy wheels. Get in touch with our friendly service teams in Dundee, Perth, Stirling, Edinburgh East and Edinburgh West

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