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You'll receive an attractive warranty when you purchase any new or Approved Used Land Rover vehicle from a main dealer. This reduces the costs of future servicing and maintenance on the model, keeping it more affordable throughout your ownership.

That warranty may be invalidated if you have work carried out on your Land Rover at a garage or service centre which hasn't been approved by the manufacturer. You are less likely to receive the standards of service that an official main dealer would provide. Any further problems which develop as a result of sub-standard work may also be more expensive and difficult to resolve. We always advise Land Rover drivers to book in with a main dealer such as ourselves.

Land Rover warranties are tailored to each model – and suit the more rugged, adventurous nature of each 4x4. The standard new vehicle Manufacturer Warranty and Roadside Assistance package lasts for three years. It includes free repair and replacement of parts if there is a manufacturer fault. Separate warranties exist to cover Land Rover accessories, paintwork repairs and bodywork corrosion.

Land Rover Extended Warranty

You can also contact us to extend your Land Rover warranty. The Land Rover Extended Warranty option affords continued protection after the three-year warranty ends. It can be specified to cover the entertainment system and even more components of your vehicle.

When repairs and other maintenance are needed, Land Rover main dealers will use only genuine parts and accessories to complete the work. This care and attention to detail preserves your applicable warranties and safeguards the value of your cherished vehicle.

In Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee and Perth, your main dealer and trusted name in motoring is Pentland Land Rover. To enjoy a confident Land Rover vehicle and an attractive warranty, please contact any of our teams today.