Enjoy the best support and standard of work on your Land Rover by arranging maintenance, repairs and servicing with a main dealer. This care is assured every time you book with a Pentland Land Rover team. Our authorised service centres are equipped with the latest Land Rover diagnostic technologies and repair machinery. This range of facilities ensures we have the capability to thoroughly inspect your vehicle, identify faults and get them resolved as soon as possible.

Land Rover expertise

Land Rover trains all of our team members and service centre technicians to its award-winning standards in everything they do. We can provide full, accurate information on all Land Rover models, and will put more complex issues and work required into plain terms. When repairing and restoring your vehicle, our expert, precise workmanship will shine through in the continued style and performance of the 4x4.

Free vehicle health checks

A health check will be carried out by one of our fully-qualified technicians every time you bring your Land Rover to us. This confirms the ongoing reliable performance of the vehicle, and can highlight potential issues of which you may not have been aware.

Genuine parts from the manufacturer

A requirement of all main dealers is their exclusive use of genuine Land Rover parts and accessories. This is something we strictly adhere to, guaranteeing you the continued performance you expect from your vehicle, on and off the road. It also preserves your existing Land Rover warranties, where applicable, along with the residual value of the model.