Used Land Rover Discovery For Sale

As a common sight on Britain's roads, the Land Rover Discovery has built a reputation of premium style, quality, reliability and the capability of taking any terrain in its stride. Completely unphased by off-roading or lugging large loads. 

Since its release in 1988, there have been five models released, each bringing new improvements keeping pace in an incredibly competitive SUV class. Each iteration of this car has been very well received and picked up well-deserved awards. The most recent model, the Discovery 5 managed to secure the car of the year award from Auto Express in 2017.

There are very few cars that are as hard-wearing and versatile as the Discovery. It particularly excels when it comes to long-haul comfort making it a top choice for adventurers.

How Has The Land Rover Discovery Evolved Over the Years

The Discovery has been on the roads for over three decades and as noted above seen five iterations over this time. Let's run over how the Discovery developed over the years into the market-leading SUV it is today. 

Discovery 1

The first discovery offers an iconic four-wheel-drive workhorse that was released in 1988. It was a real proof of concept for combining luxurious features and the freedom to go off-road. 

It was released with a choice of two engines that included a 3.5-litre V8 and 2.5-litre engines that both came with a five speed manual gearbox. And had a 0-60 in 17.1 seconds, incredible how far things have come for the Disco over the years. 

Of course, finding an example of a MK1 on the market today will be incredibly rare seeing how many years have passed. That said, if you do find one it may surprise you. As with any vehicle manufactured by Range Rover this Disco is hard-wearing, and capable of going everywhere. 

Discovery 2

A decade later Land Rover released the Disco 2. It brought a more refined, sleeker appeal. Interestingly, there were 720 tweaks to this upgrade that gave it an advantage over other models released at the same time.

Discovery 3

In 2004 Land Rover put out the Discovery 3 onto this market. This is one of the most popular models to get on the used market today. This is thanks to its balance of durability and affordability while keeping the visual trademarks and chiselled proportions that you’d associate with this SUV. 

Also a very cost-effective alternative to buying a brand new Disco. You definitely get a lot for your money. There are countless examples on the UK market that can range from as little as £5000 to mid teens depending on the mileage and condition of the vehicle. 

There were a few known faults with the Disco 3 with the gearbox, handbrake, and suspension. Checking the full service history will be important. 

Discovery 4

Next, there was the Discovery 4, or MK4 released in 2009. This model added a glossier feel and an air of sophistication to this SUV.

A key benefit that this upgraded model offered was its more robust feel than the previous iteration. It also did away with manual gearboxes and was only manufactured with a choice of six or eight speed automatic gearboxes. 

One key when picking up a Land Rover Discovery 4 would be to pick up a later model since it went through a gradual refinement throughout its life. Generally you should be able to pick up a good used example of this car for in the region of £12,000. 

Like its predecessor, it can be prone to electrical glitches. But with a solid service history you are on to a winner. 

Discovery 5

Now we have the Land Rover Discovery 5, the latest instalment to the Discovery series. Land Rover really pulled out all the stops on this model with improvements in all areas. 

Firstly it features an aluminium monocoque that is based on the same architecture or the stunning Range Rover Sport. This allows the body to weigh far less than the Discovery 4 that it replaced. 

Drive quality of the Disco 5 is all incredibly premium placing comfort and practicality at the centre of every decision they make. It really radiates an upmarket air. 

What Trims are Available with the Discovery 5?

There are three trim levels to choose from. This starts with the entry-level S trim which includes a/c, alloy wheels and a 10-inch touchscreen. Upgrade to the SE and you’ll add leather seats, sat-nav, front and rear parking sensors, and automatic lights and wipers. Then there is the range-topping HSE model; this one brings a panoramic glass roof, heated seats, four-zone climate control and keyless entry. 

As the latest model, the Discovery 5 is the most expensive model to pick up second hand. You should be able to find a decent used model in the region of £30,000.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Used Land Rover Discovery

While Land Rover knows how to make a premium SUV and the Discovery is no exception, there is still a level of due diligence you need to do when picking up any used car. 

The last thing you want to do is be lured in by an incredible price then find yourself with expensive bills from the garage down that line. Here are our top tips for not getting caught out when picking your new used Discovery. 

First up, take a look at the service history. Here you are looking to see that previous owners have had it serviced every 15,000 miles and the timing belt replaced at 105,000 miles or every seven years. 

Electrics can be another area where issues can crop up. Make sure when test driving you check out all electronics. From the doors, lights, to the windows. Also while in the car keep an eye out for any warning lights on the dashboard. 

Also make sure you do a visual inspection on the way around checking for chipped paint, dents or other imperfections in the body. Remember, the Discovery was designed to off-road, so there is always the possibility that it has had a hard life in the past.