Supporting The Archie Foundation in Tayside​

The Archie Foundation logo and JCMG logo on a white background alongside a sign for Ward 30

Back in 2016 and 2017, our dealerships in Dundee and Perth worked incredibly hard to raise money for The Archie Foundation to help them reach their £2 million target for a new theatre suite at Tayside Children’s Hospital.

The fundraising efforts took just five years to reach the target and we want to, again, thank all the John Clark Motor Group teams at those dealerships for their amazing fundraising efforts. Whether they took part in the Beast Race, played their best at a Charity Golf Day, or complemented their colleagues’ efforts at one of our bake sales, every penny has contributed to this amazing project.

Chris and Vicki were invited to visit Ward 30 at Ninewells Hospital on Wednesday 9th August and were blown away by the work that was undertaken to drastically improve the space for the children who visit the hospital and their families.

Artist Suzanne Scott was appointed to create the gorgeous artwork that is seen throughout Ward 30: the Children’s Theatre Suite. These are all based on the theme of “Riverside” and the final designs were all selected by children and young people. The aim was to create an area that was more calming and fun for patients whilst they were staying and the feedback they have had already recognises how successful it has been.

The operating capacity was doubled which allowed for a significant impact on reducing waiting lists. Endoscopies were one example of the success of the redevelopment with the overall waiting time reduced from 29 weeks to 10 weeks and Priority 1 cases had a reduction from 9 week to 9 days. The impact that this will have on the children who attend the hospital absolutely cannot be understated.

Paula Cormack, Chief Executive of The Archie Foundation commented: “It was a real honour to host Chris and Vicki on a tour of the new Ward 30: Children’s Theatre Suite at Tayside Children’s Hospital (Ninewells), to let them see first-hand the difference that John Clark Motor Group staff have made for local children requiring surgery in Tayside. JCMG staff played a really key part in Archie’s £2m Appeal, raising £24,000 which helped to fund this award-winning new Theatre Suite. Fundraised monies enabled NHS Tayside to deliver a groundbreaking facility that encompasses the very best practice and innovations in surgical practice, gathered from leading surgical facilities across the UK, and crucially to package all of it together with the patient at the very centre. Genuinely, none of this would have been possible without the Group’s support and we at Archie and the 3,000 or so children (and their families) who will benefit every year could not be more grateful.”

Over 200,000 children are cared for every year across the three children’s hospitals that the Archie Foundation support with an estimated 1 in 3 children visiting a children’s hospital each year and 1 in 7 babies requiring neonatal care. Tayside Children’s Hospital is now looking ahead to completing the journey through the hospital which will include the emergency department, outpatients facilities, and Ward 29: Medical Ward.