Make Your Sustainable Mark This 2020 ​

Making a positive environmental mark has just gotten easier this 2020 and it's all possible thanks to the Audi Q5 Hybrid and P&J Live.

Changing to a greener way of living can, at times feel very daunting. We’ve all been there, making the pledge to recycle more or use the central heating less, but we find ourselves reverting to old habits before we let the new ones take hold. But what if there were a great way to do your bit whilst enjoying yourself? At Aberdeen Audi and P&J Live we have discovered the perfect addition to your life that makes being green easy and enjoyable.

Audi Q5 at the P&J Live

Make your mark this 2020 in the Audi Q5. This is the first of the new plug-in models from Audi. The drive concept combines a combustion engine and an electric motor with intelligent controller, enabling it to cover most everyday driving distances electronically. This is perfect for commutes to work, to school and even to a concert. With the driving range of over 25 miles, you’ll find yourself quickly at P&J Live with little to no traditional fuel used. Whilst at the venue you’ll find easy to use electronic chargers to top up your battery while you’re enjoying an unforgettable evening.

If you’re heading out for a longer journey, the Hybrid mode will navigate you to your destination with ease. Simply input the address in the navigation system and the Audi Q5 will switch between electric and petrol running as it deems best in order to gain most efficiency. The perfect way to enjoy mobility and still make a positive environmental mark.

Feeling green doesn’t stop when you get out of the car, P&J Live is the most sustainable venue of its kind in the UK. Benefiting from an on-site Energy Centre, allowing a fully integrated approach to sustainability. The P&J Live Energy Centre heats, cools and powers the full venue with clean, sustainable and reliable energy. This is generated through the largest hydrogen fuel cell installation in the UK, which powers every spectacular event. Even the food waste on site powers the kitchen. Everything at this venue is recycled and re-purposed to decrease the use of carbon and aid a greener way to operate.

Sustainability doesn’t stop once you leave the venue. The P&J Live has invested in 7km of walkways and created huge green spaces which are equivalent to 14 football pitches. These all contribute to the fantastic BREEAM excellent rating which is the world’s leading sustainability assessor.

Making your mark doesn’t have to be time consuming or unenjoyable. With the Audi Q5 and P&J Live you can be committed to sustainability and still have fun.