World EV Day

September 9th marks the first-ever world EV day, to celebrate this day we’ve recently launched the brand new John Clark EV website, where you can explore our range of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.

The Benefits of Electric

To celebrate this new day, the UK’s department of transport has announced that it’s looking into a number of initiatives to help promote electric motoring in the UK. The Government has also pledged £12 million into funding for research focusing on developing new EV technologies.

With the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles rapidly increasing throughout the UK due to the environmental and financial benefits, now is a great time to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Although an electric vehicle is great for the environment there are many more advantages to purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle, some of which might come as a pleasant surprise.

The monthly cost of running an electric vehicle as opposed to a petrol or diesel alternative is one of the greatest benefits. Dependent on the conventional model you could spend anything between 12 and 22 pence per mile whereas with an electric vehicle it could be as low as 4p per mile. Obviously, there will be variables that will have an impact, such as your electric provider and when you choose to charge the vehicle, but the bottom line is that an electric car is much lower to run than a fuel alternative.

Buying an Electric Car

The retail price of an electric car is not necessarily a cheaper option, however, there are grants and tax savings that will make the proposition of going green on the road more appealing. There is a low emissions grant which applies to certain models and the maximum grant available is up to £3000. For further information on government grants, click here to find out more information.

If you are based in Scotland the government is supporting customers who wish to purchase electric vehicles with a loan and a plug-in grant. Once again the dealership will help you with the details, but effectively you can receive loans of up to £35,000 on electric and hybrid models when purchasing the vehicle provided if it is an eligible vehicle according to OLEV (The office for Low Emission Vehicles).

Reduced Maintenance Costs

An electric car is much simpler under the bonnet than a fuel alternative with basically three main elements – the onboard charger, the inverter, and the motor. As a result, there are fewer components that will wear and tear requiring maintenance work. In addition, the normal wear on tyres and brakes will not be as prominent due to regenerative braking. Ultimately, the car will require fewer trips to the dealership although it is always recommended that you have your car checked for safety elements, such as your tyre tread depth.

Great Driving Performance

There is a general perception when you speak to people that electric cars are quite slow, However, the reality is totally the opposite as electric cars are extremely responsive and swift to drive. In fact, the torque produced from an electric motor at the initial acceleration is more than that produced by most sports cars.

Furthermore, electric cars tend to be more comfortable and, in many ways, less stressful to drive than a conventional vehicle. The regenerative braking means that the car is already braking before your foot even touches the brakes and then the quietness due to no engine noise – can create quite a serene driving experience, which is great for short, but in particular longer journeys.

You ultimately need to experience the benefits of driving an electric car for yourself, click here to explore our range of electric cars. We are also happy to offer test drives at the John Clark Motor Group Please click here to book a test drive.