Your Peugeot in Safe Hands

It's bad enough having an accident without the hassle and worry of sorting out repairs and dealing with insurers. With Peugeot Accident Assistance you can leave it to us!

Just call Peugeot Accident Assistance on 0800 294 0294 with details of your insurance company and information of any other drivers involved in the accident.

Our Accident Assistance will take care of any repairs your car needs and take it to the nearest Peugeot center. We also contact your insurance company. If the accident wasn't your fault we can organise a like-for-like replacement for you to drive until it's ready for the road or a courtesy car if the accident was your fault.

Peugeot Accident Assistance will:

  • Get your car to the nearest Approved Accident Centre
  • You car will be fixed by Peugeot trained specialists using only genuine parts so your warranty isn't affected
  • Produce a repair quote for your insurer
  • Organise a car for you to drive while yours is off the road

John Clark Motor Group Body Shops

At each of our body shops, our manufacturer-trained repairers only use genuine parts and paint to ensure that your Peugeot is returned to you in the best possible condition. If you purchased your Peugeot from us then you can also benefit from a free temporary like-for-like replacement vehicle while we work on your car.

Remember, it is your decision which repairer you want to use - not your insurers.

Your insurer could send you to a non-manufacturer approved repairer, which could affect the terms of your paint and body warranty. Choose us, and rest assured that your Peugeot will be restored to the highest standards.

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