We Offer Competitive Options for Peugeot's 3 Years Plus

If your Peugeot is over 3 years old, Specialist Cars Aberdeen can service it for a fixed price. We offer a range of highly competitive service options. All work will be carried out by Peugeot trained technicians using only genuine parts at a set price, plus we have a range of options from essentials to originals depending on your budget. Plus a free Vehicle Health Check, Wash and Vacuum.

Servicing from the Experts

When servicing your Peugeot you can choose from Original Equipment or Essential Approved Parts. Servicing with Original equipment means is 100% Peugeot specifically designed for your car ensuring quality, performance and durability. The Essential Approved parts is a cost effective alternative which meets European recommendations and is suitable for other make and models.

InterimService £115 £140
Service + MOT £149 £175
FullService £195 £250
Service + MOT £229 £285

Please speak to one of our Peugeot servicing adviser's for full information on the above options!

Whats included in an Interim and Full service?

Interim >

  • Change of oil and oil filter
  • Top up on all fluids
  • Brake, steering and other safety checks
  • Visual checks of tyres, lights, indicators, mirrors and wipers
  • Environmental checks
  • Reading fault memory codes

Full >

  • Replacement of air filter (when appropriate)
  • Replacement of spark plugs (when appropriate)
  • Replacement of gearbox oil (when appropriate)
  • Additional Checks - rear brake lining wear, valve clearance, power steering and hoses, wheel bearing, front and rear suspension. transmission shafts and more.

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