Contactless Service Process

In this current climate, we all need to take care of ourselves - be active, eat well and get plenty of rest. While our cars are not as complex as we are, they still need aftersales care to ensure they remain safe and operate properly. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our contactless service options.

Our Express Safe Service will enable you to literally arrive at the dealership and drop your car off with us and continue to go about your day leaving us to get the job done. You do not even need to step foot into our building if you would prefer not to! We will send you an email to show you if any additional work is required and you can approve or reject the work back to us in the email, we will then give you a call when the work is complete and you can pay over the phone before arriving at the dealership to collect your car.

Alternatively, you can use our Service While You Wait offering and relax in our segregated waiting areas while the work is carried out.

Here to Help

Ultimately we understand that we are living in extenuating circumstances and we are happy to discuss other alternative options with you such as collection and delivery, so please give us a call and we will see what we can do to help you.

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Contactless Service