John Clark Value Added Products (VAPs)

When it comes to John Clark, your journey doesn't end with a new car. We also offer financial peace of mind, with a wide range of optional Value Added Products available to guarantee the safety and longevity of your vehicle - as well as your own wellbeing!

Lifeshine Paint & Interior Protection

Choose Lifeshine, the super-effective paint sealant, which helps to protect your vehicle's paintwork from severe environmental and climatic conditions. Keep your car looking newer for longer, with protection from ultra violet rays which can lead to faded paintwork.

Lifeshine also helps protect your car from the effects of atmospheric fallout, acid rain and road salt, all of which can damage your paint finish on your vehicle and corrode the surface.

Additonally you can opt for Lifeshine interior protection to protect your fabrics from spillage, mud and dirt. The resin based formula coats each fibre of your fabric seats and carpets, which eases the removal of dirt and spills while preserving the appearance of the material.


BMW Protect X Paint & Interior Protection

Your car is constantly exposed to threats and pollutants from the environment. From tree sap, UV rays, acid rain and regular surface erosion means that your BMW or MINI may need extra protection.

BMW Protect X, available at our John Clark BMW & MINI dealers, is the answer to your exterior and interior protection prayers. It gives your car the showroom finish it deserves by forming an ultra-protective coating over your paintwork. Filling in the constellations and safeguarding your car against future damage, this protective sealant uses Nanotechnology to prevent colour fading.

Ask our BMW and MINI team about BMW Protect X when you purchase a new or used car from John Clark.


Tyre & Alloy Wheel Protection

We all know that replacing a damaged tyre on your car can be costly, not to mention inconvenient and irritating when the damage is not your fault.

Accidental damage is an everyday reality, but thankfully, there is now a financial resolution. Tyre & Alloy protection helps you protect yourself against such unexpected costs, with no excess to pay for up to 36 months.


GAP Plus Complete Insurance

Fact. Over 2.5 million new vehicles are sold every year in the UK and over 550,000 are written-off every year through theft and/or accident. The solution? GAP Plus Complete cover. Unlike standard comprehensive insurance, GAP Plus Complete offers 'three-way protection' in the event of a write-off;

  • Replacement of your vehicle with another one of the same make/model
  • If you don't wish the same make/model, we will instead pay you the cash difference between the purchase price of your original vehicle and your motor insurance settlement
  • Under either option, we will also pay-off any greater outstanding finance.

Avoid the insurance GAP and give yourself added peace of mind when you purchase a new car from us. Ask for full details and a quotation before delivery of your vehicle for this optional cover.