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Curious about the BMW eBike? Here are a few reasons why you should consider trying out this innovative and clever new product:



We could all be a little healthier and do a little more exercise, and we know the first step to getting fit is the hardest.

With hectic schedules we think an electric bike is the greatest start to a fitter lifestyle. eBikes have to be one of the most fun and enjoyable forms of exercise, putting the effort in when you choose and getting assistance when you choose. Is the eBike the perfect solution for you?


Arriving to work sticky is what puts many people off cycling to work.

An eBike will eliminate this. Greater air flow mean instant sweat evaporation, and if you feel you need more exercise you can simple turn the motor off.


Flatten hills and eliminate burning muscles with an eBike.

You will still have to use a minimum amount of effort to climb the hill but the experience is more enjoyable.


Yes, we will make this statement!

You can cut your commute time using cycle routes and avoiding traffic jams, mixing pedal power with the motor engine you will cruise through town in no time.


Because eBikes can go faster uphill’s cars will pass you at a lower speed difference, be more alert without all the peddle pushing and pull away from junction and traffic lights at a safer more controlled speed.

With an increase of bike lanes in all major cities and often community and work place support there has never been a better time to invest in an eBike.


Who doesn’t want to save money?

The rechargeable battery pack is a huge benefit in both saving money and the environment, there are no parking charges, minimal repairs and available on finance with 0% APR at John Clark BMW.


eBikes are not required to be registered, insured or MOT’d as they are considered as bicycles under UK law!

Tail wind at the push of a button.