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Always Stay Connected When Using The BMW ConnectedDrive ​

The BMW ConnectedDrive is the 21st Century technology for the modern driver.  Gone are the days of maps, remembering exactly where you parked and having to guess your journey time against heavy traffic.  The BMW ConnectDrive takes all of that and send it directly as prompts to your smart phone.  Welcome to the enhanced driving experience provided by BMW.

At its core, BMW ConnectedDrive is a technology packet which aides your connection to the world around you whilst you’re driving.  The centrepiece of the BMW ConnectedDrive system is named iDrive – a control centre which is touch screen that allows seamless control of all the entertainment, information, communication and navigation systems.  With a multitude of apps and access to online, it means you can focus on the journey ahead and not be checking your phone.  Although the BMW ConnectedDrive is a touch screen with applications such as the GPS navigation mean that these can be managed with a single hand with no worries of taking your eyes off the road.

The BMW ConnectedDrive also come with a full suite of safety features which make driving some of our bigger models even easier. These include blind spot detection and a visual display that guarantees you’re always aware of lane changes, collision warnings, your current speed and more. For those who don’t feel too comfortable driving in the evening this system includes night vision technology that can effortlessly detect a person, animal or object in total darkness at distances up to 900 feet.

When out and about it can be hard to remember if you have locked your car. This new system allows you to lock and unlock your BMW remotely which can put your mind at ease on those busy days. We have all forgotten which level of a parking lot we parked on, the BMW ConnectedDrive helps you locate your car with ease, meaning you aren’t wandering around for 20 minutes wishing you parked somewhere closer.

With the modern age meaning we have the freedom to stay connected to people it is great we can also stay connected to our much-loved BMW’s.