Why choose M Perfomance?

Increased driving power

The BMW M performance models give you the best of both worlds. Our passion for Motorsport and our obsession for driving pleasure inspire our new car models. You will get a driving experience so thrilling it will become an entire new class of BMW. With a sporty character and unique combination of dynamics, comfort and everyday practicality the M Performance is worth it.

From the outside you can identify the M performance kidney grille, light alloy wheels, the classic M logo and rear model designation.

From the inside, M Performance models also include an M Sport package as standard, which includes M Sport suspension and aerodynamic package. Both inside and outside the model has exclusive options that distinguish it from the rest of the BMW Range.

Power built into every detail

The best thing about the M performance models are their exceptionally powerful engines with their own distinctive sound. A six-cylinder engine is used in the BMW 1 Series, 2 Series and X3 M40i, while the BMW X5 M50D and X6 M50D accelerate thanks to the three-stage turbocharging.

Why stop there? BMW M Performance Accessories have been inspired by decades of BMW Motorsport success. You can take your iconic look to the next level with some impressive extras.

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