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The BMW Vision iNEXT​

Your favourite space

Introducing our vision - the all-electric, highly automated and fully connected BMW has refined autonomous driving and interior design for new cars. The Vision iNEXT is about more than innovation and aesthetics, it wants drivers to feel at ease like they wouldn't in their own home.

The exterior is made in Greyhouse cooper and gradually changes to a dark rose. The windscreen is seamlessly large with a panoramic roof which helps to open up the interior even more. The large double-kidney grille with blue accents hint its BMW i genetics.

Ahead of its time 

The interior is like nothing you have ever seen before with a unique floating centre console, wood surface and jacquard fabric sits upon a crystal hell that stretches to the rear and resembles a lounge-like atmosphere. Inside the car includes intelligent personal assistant that is controlled by your won voice command. It can also provide interactive advice and adapt to your behaviors over time. As well as this, there in intelligent materials such as the jacquard cloth which can register your touch and bring the rear to life. 

Technology can make life so much easier.BMW Personal CoPilot lets you decide who drives. In 'Ease' mode the BMW iNEXT handles the road but in 'Boost' mode you take the wheel. Watch for the BMW Vision INEXT  transforming mobility with its pioneering ideas. 

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