Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

It does not take much to catch a wheel on the curb or when you are heading out of an NCP car park. It is such a common occurrence, but can easily be repaired to showroom standard saving you the cost of a brand new alloy wheel which could a considerable outlay.

Some alloy wheel repairs will be cosmetic meaning that the repair will simply be blended into the undamaged area, so visually it will return it to as close to perfect as possible. This type or repair we would class as a Smart Repair.

If the damage is covering a reasonable area on the wheel, then you may wish to consider a total wheel refurbishment. By utilising a combination of powder coating and wet spray, the wheel could be returned to its original finish.

Many vehicles today are fitted with diamond cut alloys, which is when part of painted surface has been machined off leaving a shiny alloy finish. When this type of alloy wheel is damaged, we repair them using our specialist diamond cut lathing equipment. The process involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel and should not be carried out numerous times as eventually too much alloy would be removed. But it is a quick and effective way to get your alloys back to a good condition and you know that they are ready to cope with any future wear and tear.

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